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"You don't just restore homes, you heal them."

This was the comment an admirer of one of our homes recently said. Homes get tired and go through many changes in their history. Some good and some not so good. We strive to take a home back to its happy beginnings.

We have had the great fortune of meeting many of our home's original families. This gives us the advantage of gaining first hand knowledge of the home's history, where it started and where it has come. Homes are not built simply of wood, plaster and nails but also on family tradition, history and memories. It has been our pleasure to be able to pass this history on to our home's new owners. They then bring the home back to life as its next chapter begins.

Buyers that purchase our homes have become an important part of Bee Renovated. They often join us with family, friends, and neighbors at our "Renovation Parties" that celebrate each home's next chapter.