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From passion to profession...

It's always been our dream to make our living doing what we love and now we're doing just that. After purchasing and restoring a number of our own homes we realized that this is what we loved and we also made a great team. Our combination of a trained eye for design and experience in construction results in renovations that are beautiful and well crafted.

It all began with the renovation of our first home - a small "fixer" in San Leandro. Since then, our homes have taken us from Albuquerque to San Rafael and finally, here in the East Bay hills: Berkeley, Kensington, Richmond, El Cerrito and Albany. We shop dine, and live in the neighborhoods where we work. We are proud that Bee Renovated helps restore and beautify these great communities in which we live.

Bee Renovated's focus is on restoring vintage homes. Our goal is to restore homes to a state that their original builders would be proud of. To a style recalling the directness and simplicity of an earlier era. Many of the homes we restore were built at a time when there was great appreciation and respect for nature, family and hand craftsmanship. Our goal is to approach each restoration in a similar manner no matter what the home's style - be it a bungalow, post-war traditional or mid-century ranch.

Bee Renovated is dedicated to restoring history
one house at a time.